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12: The Hole Really Ties the Room Together

12: The Hole Really Ties the Room Together


Kirby Battle

Kirby is at it again, doing all sorts of Kirby stuff in Kirbyland. With his friends and other folks. Feat. Bandana Dee and other equally memorable characters from the live-action comic books and anime mangas! (And I think there was a game too?)


This isn't dead I swear

So you might have noticed I missed a couple updates. This is to be expected and nothing is wrong at all- NO IT ISN'T YOU SHOULD PANIC HOLY SHIT THE END IS NEAR DEATH SHALL ARRIVE SHORTLY!!

Okay, but seriously, I overestimated the amount of things I would be able to accomplish during vacations, what with my thesis and all. My buffer of comics ended way too prematurely, so I was left with nothing from my past self, that lazy bastard. Rest is assured, updates should start back up to normal in around... 2 weeks, so bear with me. (It's when I finally hand in my work for evaluation.)

See ya, my dearests.

Posted by ElectroMan @ September 4th, 2017, 12:23 am
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Hello. This is reality. I have not unplugged myself from the Matrix. I still live among you. You might have some questions. Here's a few I came up with because I can totally read your collective minds don't you know.

How drunk are you right now?
Loaded question, I'll need my lawyer present to answer that.

What garbage comic was this anyway?
Same name. Different clothing. Maybe the old banner will ring a bell?

If you still don't recall, well, all the better. Maybe it's a good thing to forget it altogether.

Seriously though, is this back on track?
Doesn't get more serious than a webcomic about a pink sentient blob that originates from a game series targeted at an audience way younger than me.

Where have you been?
On this little planet called Earth, you might have heard of it. I've been juggling my Physics course, gym, thesis and my simply farting around. Now is the best time to get back to sprite webcomic-ing.

Are you always being sarcastic?
Me answering that question would result in a logical paradox.

What's the plan?
I'm a staunch proponent of "improvised work is the best work." I'm also a stupid person. As a result of that philosophy, my previous comic was riddled with ad hoc nonsense, which in turn resulted in a convoluted plot, plain as day plotholes and history revisionism at its ugliest.

This time around I actually have a tangible structure in place. While largely dialogue and small happenings will still be improvised in a strip-by-strip basis, the overall series will have an actual plot to follow which is already, mostly, laid out.

Also, I'm aiming at a series more focused on humour than on story. This means that the interaction between characters and their reation to events will take precedent over an actual meaningful storyline. There's still a plot, but it'll be secondary.

What's keeping this from dying a horrible premature death?
Some things. I already have a buffer in place so I don't need to worry about the first dozen strips. Also, I think I have a pretty neat idea for where the series will go, so hopefully I won't lose enthusiasm, at least until the I finish the first main story.

I also got some funny skits running through my mind. Maybe they will be humorous? I dunno. Mostly I am dependent on your guys' reactions and if there's enough positive feedback, my resolve won't falter. My quality will be reflected on your opinions.

You're a pompous ass.
That's not a question. But yes.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure enjoy double updates for the next 3 weeks. I can't keep it up forever because of stuff, but I'll aim at one update per week, on Sundays. Stay sexy, my friends.

Posted by ElectroMan @ June 25th, 2017, 6:11 am
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