26 Jul 2011 06:16 pm

Action lines coloured background thinga-ma-jig tutorial!

Ever imagined how I make those background action sequences with some lines and stuff? Well, here's how you do it in Photoshop:

1- Acquire Photoshop (use magnet to acquire Photoshop faster) (lol, enough with references)

On to the tutorial:
1- Create a new document, any square size (for example, 500x500);
2- Make sure your fore/background are default (press D to make sure they are);
3- Filter -> Render -> Fibers... and in the window play around with the values a bit. I'll use 16 for variance and 4 for strength. You can press "Randomize" in order to get a more even background (not too contrasted by a white and a black part);
4- Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur... and in the window have a 90ยบ angle. In distance, insert a very high number, like 200 or 300;

You have now the basic lines. You can transform them to your liking to fit the action/fighting scene they're supposed to go. To add colour, press CTRL+U, and then, with "Colorize" checked, and by tampering with the three values, you can create a brand new colour for the background. You can even tweak the lightness for a more darker or lighter scene. Have fun =P


awsome guy, 26 Jul 2011 09:39 pm

this is cool but what about the circle action lines? ive wanted to know how to do those forever and also set it to screen or multiply on a normal background and you'll get a cool wind effect then mess with transparency also to get a specific color used the color replacement tool which might even be easier than the hue saturation thingy
(i hate being out photoshop termed)

xVegitox, 26 Jul 2011 09:53 pm

I'm so trying this

ElectroMan, 26 Jul 2011 10:07 pm

@awsome guy: Huh... from what I could gather from your "comma and full stop-free" comment (seriously dude, punctuation is meant to be used) you want to be able to do some zoomlines.

Well, that was a very hard task for me to do, and I am not kidding with this. I individually drew every spike in an horizontal manner (kinda like this: vvvv) with different heights and ranging from the top to the middle section of the canvas. It's pretty hard to describe. However, I didn't technically draw every spike individually, I made one part then copy pasted it so that it would be a much faster process.

Like I said, it's hard to explain. In the end I polar coordinate'd the spikes and got the circular shape.

awsome guy, 26 Jul 2011 10:12 pm

ahhh when i looked it up on the internet it went into creating new brushes and stuff, and when i was done it wasn't what i was looking for. (<period(that sounded wrong)) what about your text like in your avatar and in the title is that a special font or something?

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